Monday, February 13, 2012

Babysitting fairies

Zazu is in the city and we had been planning a great evening of pizza and movies, when my aunt called asking me to babysit Fly.
So we changed our plans (sigh!). Fly was watching her favorite series and wanted us to sit with her.
Well, it seemed it was about a girl who was in a forest...
We had seen the mom telling her she should take the road on the left, but...
Oh nooo, there she goes, taking the road on the right. So she got lost while having an unbearable chatting with her doggie ...  till the night fell and then ...
In fact the black fairy kidnapped LadyLu, and we had to wait for centuries till she could rescue it,  but finally the good fairies helped her.
Yes, a happy end ... especially cause it ended hahahahahahaha
The black fairy

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