Saturday, February 18, 2012

A blast! ( Dyna-mite )

The news spread as fire around the school. Miss Denise had hired a  medical team and the infermery would remain open for everybody who wanted health advice. Not such big deal, yeah? Well, it wasnt till PB said he had seen...

                                                     THE NURSE

He said he had  seen her wandering at the hall, and fell for her inmediatelly.

We all felt curious, and the boys began betting at the possible size of the nurse's boobs, to have made such a big impression on PB.

Marlow HAD to check, of course, and i heard him telling his friends that she was dynamite.

So when miss Denise told us yesterday that  the health authorities  recommended us to take the flu vaccine, we all thought it was a good chance to take a look at our new health staff :)
I bet miss Denise was amazed at her convincing abilities when she saw people QUEUING at the infermery door hahahahaha
This is what i call great expectations, and not the novel we read at the literature course :))
Yes, the girls werent very happy, and i wonder what these silly boys were  thinking that could happen inside the office...
Oh, it seems like they will know very soon ...
And yes, he did.
Awwww will they ever grow up? :P


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