Friday, March 23, 2012


SKIN PULSE Alexia-Beige/M1   ANNA SHAPES Olivia model
Many of my friends at school dream of being famous models. These last days they were a bit boring, just  talking about something called 'The bubbles of fashion'. They explained that it was a fashion show , very special cause only the most beautiful models are invited.

' There is a big competition to be there,  wow wow which one will be chosen this year blah blah blah...' Oh girls, cant we change subject pleeease?

SKIN  PULSE Blush  t620M3   ANNA SHAPES Nathali model

But today Loulou brought the fashion magazine to the school and ... Well, i think you will understand why i suddenly agreed with them. AMAZING!  Awwwww now i also wish i could be a BUBBLE :)
SKIN PULSE  Isabella II Medium nº8   ANNA SHAPES Paola model

SKIN PULSE  Alexia-FawnM3   ANNA SHAPES Nathali model

SKIN PULSE Emotional T3-No.6    ANNA SHAPES Tarita model
SKIN PULSE Isabella II nº5    ANNA SHAPES Pietra model
SKIN PULSE MidWinter/Whispers    ANNA SHAPES  Olivia model

Pulse Skin Eyes & Shapes
NOTE: the skins have no photoshop on. I wanted to show how you actually look when wearing them

and ty  to Analy Amat and her wonderful * ANNA SHAPES*

If you visit   PULSE , you will find the new and amazing creations Lorac has done lately. But i wanted to show all these skins that have made my SL much better along these years. They all can be found at the store. Join the group  and meet Lorac, one of the kindest  designers in SL, as well as the man-glued- to-a-coffe-cup who uses to fill our chat with mmmmmmmmm that delicious perfum of hot coffee :) The Pulse family rooocks!

The best in pinterest :)