Friday, March 2, 2012

Silence's talking

I had been waiting to tell you about my dance exam.
I was afraid my day was not being very good. I had been shopping but couldnt get one of those amazing piercings i wanted cause i know mom wouldnt approve it.
And then i had to go and join Silence for our first rehearsal of the dance.
I waited for 30 minutes and, rather angry at him,  decided to ring his bell. And ... oh my...
He left me waiting till he got dressed.
What a weird kid, almost naked but with his hat on as always.
His grandad had rised him cause his parents died in a car accident when he was a child.
It was very touching, and i loved the way he talked, with a sweet, deep voice, we rarely heard at school. Suddenly, i think we both began feeling very comfortable.
The old man had to be really amazing ... and obviously... Irish :))
I dont know how it was, but i dared to ask him about his never showing his head. And he told me.

He took off his cap slowly. I had the feeling he would rather be naked than without it, but he took it off and showed me a mess of short
weird hair.

'Why dont you shave it? Or just cut it super short'. He said he would be too ashamed of showing it to the hairdresser, and it took a while till he allowed me to phone my hairdresser and get an appointment for less than one hour later.

 I saw him peeking at his image reflected in any mirror  in our way back home. He smiled shyly when i asked him how it felt. 'Good'
Wow, he had a nice smile :)
He told me he liked to sit on the terrace at the top of the building, with drinks in a cooler. The views were amazing, and when he began talking about the dance ... I knew we would pass the exam with honours!

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