Sunday, April 8, 2012

About the Easter party...

Pose * ESSENTIAL SOUL * Our Easter egg

As i was telling you, while i went to the DONT  movie premier with Bf, my friends were at school, enjoying the Easter party.
The girls told me it was very crowded.
The teachers were there, some looking really nice ... (the twins said that Kit, the martial arts teacher, was drooling behind Dina(myte) the nurse  :) )

Ohhh and surprise! Missy and Marlow didnt come together. This wasnt good news for Sugar Suz ... but what about Loulou? Because, do you remember? She doesnt care for Marlow anymore ...
The witch had plans ... and which boy was the unlucky :P one? Honk or Marlow?
But Sugar Suz is not the kind of girl who waits and sees ...

Yep... Poor Gott, I dont think he finds her ... and ... poor MOna ...

Though someone was unexpectedly happy!

And what about Loulou?
Well, she was Silence's partner, and they were having a good time ...

Then Silence went for some drinks and Marlow told Loulou to 'listen to him for one single minute please'.
Minnie said they hide behind the plants to kiss ... and... and...
... more tomorrow :)

All the girls bunny outfits are from TrendStyle ,
and the guys got their  business suits from market place almost free :) (i need a male outfits' designer to post for him/her :)) )

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