Wednesday, April 18, 2012

After the party

Bf had just left and i was in my pjs and feeling so sleepy after the great event (yes , i know i owe you the premier, be patient, please :P), when my cellular rang.
I thought it was Bf for last goodnight but the voice of Silence surprised me.
'Sorry, i know its late...' 'Yes, VERY late!'
He was ... outside? In the yard?? I got dressed and slipped downstairs, begging for mom to not wake up.
Oh no! Loulou had left the party with Marlow, not being honest enough to talk to Silence before doing it.
UGH he was super sad...and super drunk. I couldnt let him go that way, so i took him to the kitchen for some hot drink,
 though i knew i would be in trouble if mom ...
While i was trying to explain it, Silence suddenly collapsed. He just slipped to the floor and stayed there like... dead! We tried to wake him up but mom said he seemed in comma. She said we had to call his family, and made me phone, so i checked if  his grandad was home.
He said he would be home in 10 min, and he did,
Silence was awake and feeling a bit better after vomiting his guts out in our kitchen's floor  :P We left them alone for a minute but Silence's grandad didnt look really angry.

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Next day, the postman brough a gift box to mom, and the bag was inside with a note from Silence apologizing again and thanking mom for her help. I bet it was his grandad who did it.
But what i got was even better. I found these words written in the open  page of my math book :)
              Thank you for being my friend 


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