Friday, April 6, 2012

The dragon den

* ANNA SHAPES* Paola Model
SKIN Dulce Secrets Oriana Bordeaux Aqua Bikini
OUTFIT Paris Metro Couture s'agapw mazi mu - Ore
POSES BY Eternal Dream
I was absorted in the search for my dress, reading a fashion magazine, when Loulou called me. She said she wanted to apologize ... I said its ok ... and she asked me for a favor.
* ANNA SHAPES* Paola Model
SKIN Dulce Secrets Pandora Mimosa Black Voluptuos
OUTFIT  SLC  Couture Gown Helena 
POSES BY Eternal Dream
She wanted me to take one of Marlow's gifts and give it back to him. Dont ask me what it was. Ok, ask me.
A cactus!
And there i went. Marlow shares a flat with two more guys. Poor DD ... going to the dragon den! :P

Yeah, i bet i need you ... as i need a flu .  Nice bedroom ... These guys would love to have six or seven walls in their bedrooms, to have more room for their nakie girls pics.
 Back from the HOUSE-OF-NO-SHIRTS, i couldnt help  thinking  that maybe Marlow really cares for Loulou ... in his own crazy way, of course.
                                              AKERUKA Damien Skin

SHAPE :.::HOT STUFF::.: Antonella shape
SKIN Dulce Secrets  Pandora Mimosa Green Voluptuos
 AKERUKA SKINS Adrian & Lisa Group Gift

 *.JULYs.* Girls <3 DJs shirt
::T&G:: Trashed Ripped Jeans::Blue

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