Saturday, May 5, 2012

Best outfit :)

SLC Mesh Strapless Tube Top satin red & Mesh Shorts black

I always wonder if these amazing models always look soooooooooo good and full of glamour.
Sour Pickles Kitty Claw Tights Monday Mania  & Fifty5 Thursday  Karma blouse
When i ask my top model cousin Zazu, she says she loves to wear comfy clothing and spend the day doing noooooothing.
Sour Pickles Magic beans tank  -  50l frenzy

And she swears her famous model bf and her always wear jeans and shirts and hide behind dark glasses when they meet.

And you know what , she
has a secret.
Cause she can be astonishing gorgeous
when she wears those wonderful outfits when she works, but ...
Sour Pickles Nipple Bandaids V1 Its on sale item

ANNA SHAPES at Flawless  - Hitomi Model
AKERUKA Blanca skin Culture Shock Exclusive

Amarelo Manga - Clutch Bag "Fashion" BLACK [MESH] 

Sour Pickles new creations are here!

The best in pinterest :)