Sunday, May 13, 2012

Over my heart

End seemed to be very busy, but asked mom to join him for a quick lunch, AND SHE WENT.
She told me later that it was a bit shocking cause the pictures he was taking were ... well, very artistic.
But he ended it in a rush, just to ... 'pay all his attention to me. Oh DD, I felt so flattered!'
Oh yes, i bet, naked women around and he only has eyes for mom. BUT you know what, 'he is only nice and friendly' HA!

And finally he is gone. But now mom acts a bit weird. And i found a little card from a restaurant they probably visited, with a phone number and this handwritten sentence ...
                                                 'You are over my heart'

(And i just will add that I dont curse cause im a lady, but i feel like that!!!!)

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