Monday, June 18, 2012


The night of the jackets is a men's night. It happens time to time, not monthly or yearly or ... We just know that one day they seem specially SILLY and in a few days they are organizing it and , of course, NO GIRLS ALLOWED. 
Though i dont give a damn, (Bf is not part of that childish thing) , the girls get really annoyed. But even knowing they will pay for it, their night of the jackets keeps surviving any argument.
And what is this main event about? ohhhhhhhhh its sooooo amazing ... they wear jackets and go out for a crazy night. 
Translation: they drink as ducks - period. 
I know all about these private parties cause Silence doesnt mind to tell me about them, so i know they flirt the girls they find but , in Marlow's words, they never 'score'. (I bet the girls rather RUN from a bunch of hungry teenagers hahahaha) 
But but but ...
Last night was a jackets' night, ok? So Sugar Suz made me phone Silence to ask him about it.
But this time, he was not very talkative (well he never is) ...
So they met some girls, a bit older than us ...
One was specially nice, (Silence says she looked a bit like Loulou awwwww), flirting with them all the time and calling them hoochie-coochies, and making them melt ( i have no doubt about that).
They danced, drank  ... and next thing they remember is waking up at dawn,  alone and half naked.  
And all they could find, next to their piled jackets was a note, saying ...
And here we have a very big mistery ... cause they cant remember
wich one  was the amazing hoochie-coochie.
Oh nooooo, someone 'scored' ... and cant remember it? hahahahahaha
But if Loulou or Sugar Suz know about this, there are two hoochie -coochies who will be in real trouble! 


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