Monday, June 4, 2012

WE will tell her

After MOna, Honk and Sugar Suz surprise meeting, I felt i couldnt  keep the secret any longer.

I called Kitty cause she is so steady and practical, and also Lil' cause she is my super best friend always.
I didnt want them to tell me, oh wow you knew about it and didnt warn Mona!
Or , ohhhh how did you tell her, not your business!

Kitty invited me to the spa for a bit of sunbath and chatting, and Lil' said she was coming too.
We met to go there and i couldnt wait to tell her about the romance.
Kitty is very drama free. She proposed to have a bath, relax, have a drink ... and talk.
Ok, so we are going to tell MOna.
Oh my, dont you love it when you can be a WE and not an I?

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