Friday, July 13, 2012

T-O-R-T-U-R-E mE!

I already knew models can look very 'normal' in their daily lives.
See my cousin Zazu, for exemple...
 California Crop + Flower Jeans
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ILAYA pose

[ L3S ]
Talawat Brocado
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!HT Ornate Feather Lashes & Sphynx Eyeshadow

Always beautiful... but different.
Since Nini moved to Silence's home, they are suffering a kind of invasion, cause Nini and her friends use to be around, sharing beauty secrets and gossips.
Bad Girl Jeans (Private Room)
Shirt for the RWB hunt

And i think Silence is a bit shocked about being surrounded by girls who arrive there and look beautiful... but when they leave they can look
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BeautyCode Pearly pinky earrings
Skin Prudence Tan - Summer Dream
*ANNA SHAPES* One Voice Fundaiser 
Veronica model

I went to his home to finish a homework. And first thing i noticed was he had had to leave his room cause Nini was using it. He had moved to the room they called the 'store room'.

The closets? Oh yes. All the home lingerie, towels, covers... was in those closets. And it seemed Nini (and sometimes her friends) kept coming eachtime they needed something, not caring about knocking and, well, more or less dressed.
HOT STUFF Ayelen lingerie

And i have to ask Zazu if all the models are like that ...
Cause I dont know if Nini is ...
a) 'too natural'
b) cheeky

What do you think? :P

The other OUTFITS

{.essences.} Moana skin
ANNA SHAPES Fluvia model

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BeautyCode Animal-Print Outfit - Snake

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