Friday, July 20, 2012

Umami (DeLiciOuS)

The Muse ^Poses Eupharie
I like the summer activities at school.

Dale, the theater teacher, sent us to the beach this morning to feel part of the nature.

The nature was nice but it was super hot, and Minnie and I decided to have a drink before changing our clothing, cause we had to wear 'comfortable and minimalist' (Dale's words).

Umami had to leave school just at the beginning of the course and i didnt get to meet her. Minnie said that she was a mistery girl. And a bit weird. She loved to wear colorful wigs and hats, but on the other hand, she was very shy. And the most brilliant person in school, honors in all the subjects, though she was specially amazing at dancing.
  Curious Kitties Hair Gift at the Hair Fair 2012

She just nodded when we said hello. I thought she looked funny and rather liked her style.
But this world is full of idiots.
Umami's pose  The Muse ^Poses Eupharie
The girl didnt say a word. We saw her leaving to the lockers room, and i think Minnie felt as bad as i did. And also, she and her twin sister, Sinny cant put up with Missy, so...
I wanted to make Umami feel better and went after her. In my way i found Silence. He knew the girl and came with me. But when we entered the room...
But she had just fainted.
She thanked us with a sweet singing voice, explaining she suffered diabetes and had probably a low level of sugar in blood, cause kept feeling bad. Silence ran to get some sweets for her, and i stayed.
I couldnt stop staring at her, oh my why did she hide her hair, she was so beautiful without her crazy wig!

*Pretty Lady* Aiden Mesh Dress
.:: Designer Circle ::. 
Kennedy shoes "Strutters"

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KAKIA DESIGNS California Crop
 OPOPOP // Macao // Mesh Skirt
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Calico Ingmann Creations Tamra hair
MONS hair - Mare- Gift for the Hair Fair 2012
HooDgirlz  Mesh_Loose Fitting Back Tank Black teddy Group Gift
NEWS NEWS! ASIAN GIRL SHAPE- Be as delicious as UMAMI :)

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