Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Why do they call it sex...?

There is a spanish movie called why do they call it love when they are meaning to say sex?

But sometimes i wonder ...
why do they insist on 'this is just teenagers heat ', when they are in front of a wonderful love?

Today the nurse (the ugly one, not miss Dyna-Mite), made us attend one of those speeches about sexual health. And , ugh , lovely, a test after it.

I think Miss Reanimator, as we call her, is the perfect person to talk about sex.
She focuses soooo wonderfully on all the diseases, teen-pregnancies, risks of abortion... (all those things that you are 99% getting if you have sex :P) , that i dont think any of us feels like even holding her/his love's hand when this woman ends her speech.

This is our badass boy, yeah, and Loulou says she finds his hands everywhere :) but but but...
this couple love eachother more than they usually admit.

And what to say about our new couple...

Oh my who says we are too young for love?

And maybe I am too romantic but love stories are sooooooooooo nice!

Specially my special one :)

I <3 you Bf!
::Poised:: MISSP Jeans popart
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Gorgeous Tank top long flower & hat

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LoLa  Yummie ice outfit

{:ThirteenTH:} Plaid Open Shirt

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Tausendschoen  - Suede Patchwork Mini Skirt

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