Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Friends will be friends

The boys are travelling  with the basketball team for  the school championship. And this means a  long girls week that we are planning to begin with a pjs party at Umami's home.
She is back and we all have hugged and shaked her, making her laugh and cry of happiness. 
But those stupid witches met her at the yard and wanted to spoil her day.
They are really coward cause they attacked her when  Umi  was alone. Or so they thought.
Cause when they were trying to make her cry, someone emerged behind the plants.
Hahahahahaha Oh yes, they ran to keep their boys away from Ree's flirting. 
Umami thanked Ree for her help, but she smiled and told her, ' hey, friends dont need to say thanks', 
And Umami felt so happy to have a new friend  that invited her to ...
Oh my! This is going to be worth to see, Ree in the group. What will the others say about it?
We had planned a little trip for the weekend to see the championship' s finals, and Ree seemed quite excited about it.
Oh and  I hope mom doesnt mind me going out, cause i cant miss this!

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