Saturday, September 29, 2012

The 7th girl

Friday night. Loulou, Sugar Suz, the twins and I are ready for a girls' night at Umami's home. 
The thing is ... my friends still dont know Umami has invited one 7th girl to the party. And they could never suspect that the girl is Ree.

Yeah, i hope so, cause Loulou and Sugar Suz are quite shocked at the news, though i have to admit they behave.

Fortunately, the twins are here too, and they dont care about Ree, they are just too happy to have a chance to have fun.

Yes, indeed, Umami's home is gorgeous, full of colour and light.  And her mom is out for the weekend (hurray!) and we are on our own.
This is the  first time she invites friends  to spend the night home and she has prepared the attic for us.
Oh my, it looks soooo cute and comfy!!

And then the door bell rings. Umami jumps down stairs and i call the girls, ' please, do it for Umi, be nice!' And there we go.
Oooook, not too bad.
Lets see what the night brings, but i have the feeling its going to be the most ... dangerous pjs night ever! :)

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