Friday, October 5, 2012

FLiRt iS Me

VASSNIA Right after - Ladies men shirt
Jamman Jewels & Accessories
Ultimate Deluxe FingerNails

Ree called Umami to thank her for the fun weekend at her home.
And im sure if someone had asked her  'and what did you do to Loulou?' , she would have answered, ' me?? Noooothing '
But Umi didnt ask cause she  got lost early with Silence, so she didnt see the drama.
To make a long story short, Loulou ended up crying in the bathroom, cause Ree dedicated 'too much attention' to Marlow.
Yes, she is right, and this is similar to Loulou's attitude towards Silence.
She doesnt want them... but doesnt want to see  them with other girls.
The thing is Ree is not going to be the group's most popular girl acting like this.
Didnt i tell you? TROUBLE

XYROOM *Epic* Mesh denim miniskirt
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