Monday, October 8, 2012

Halloween witches and more

Death's Head's Necklace 
for  Freak meets cutie hunt

Maybe it was because he gave me this funny necklace and we were making plans for the halloween, but i had a weird dream.

Pumpkin Town (PotPourri Markets) All the pics are taken here!
... but i loved that i was wearing a beautiful orange long dress!
.::Secrets Hair::. Shansia hair  
[Wild Serenity]  Fall Bliss Oct. Group Gift

And then things got funny ...
Here comes a nice witch... Its BigBoobsBetty! Hahahaha
Oh and...what the... this one is Zazu!
But what is  Sugar Suz doing here wearing ...
HOT STUFF  CatWoman for The Torch Jack-O-Lantern Hunt
And this is too much, my little cousin has been shopping around and comes flying in on a cookie :))
Pumpkin Town (PotPourri Markets) Halloween gift
UGh this dream is a festival of sexy witches
HOT STUFF Witch's Costume for A Kinky Halloween hunt
::Designer Circle::.  
PrincessMode Wretched poses
Calico Ingmann Creations Seelie hair
I like this more, a sexy male skeleton :)
OPOPOP Carenum in Red V.3 // Mask&Scarf
HOT STUFF Skeleton's Costumes-Unisex for the Bewitched Hunt
Oh and whats up now? Loulou, and crying?
[ L3S ] ASWANG outfit
OH YES, Of course!!!
OPOPOP Scotchestnut in Orange // Sculpty Hat
Barely Legal - Little Mischievious
::Designer Circle::. Eyelure Epic lash mascara 
And then ... 

I followed Umami to a big spooky house.
Someone was waiting for me there.

::Designer Circle::.  PrincessMode Wretched poses
{:ThirteenTH:} Zombie Beauty Dress
XYROOM  WERTINA- Hannah Orange Crazy Dress MESH
I love Halloween, dont you?

more outfits
[ L3S ] Witch Purple
 Doido in Purple Mesh Dress 
 Hot Toddy in Purple Sculpty Hat
Mayden Couture
Seattle Boots MESH

Rockoil  Charon dress
::Designer Circle::. Calico Ingmann Creations Aaliyah hair

*.JULYs.* Mesh Gloves

 Freak A Little Chucks  for the Bewitcheford hunt
Jamman Jewels & Accessories
Ultimate Deluxe FingerNails
XYROOM Floris Heel MESH Retro

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