Sunday, October 28, 2012

Shop & dance

I went to the movies yesterday. It was about the 3 handsome vampire brothers. Awwww loved it.
Nothing like a horror movie in Halloween. Well maybe ... a party full of WITCHES :)
Sugar & Cyanide Alex Jackets
AKERUKA Godric Vampire skin

Cause what can i say about the party  that you dont suspect?
In my granny's words, Ree was the picnic's hard egg. Yeah... the most important part of the menu :)
The boys were puppets around her, and the girls felt absolutely second dish.

This afternoon I wanted to go shopping for a coat, and Umami said she would come too. But she didnt say she was not coming alone.
So it seems Ree is becoming good friends with Umi.
I have nothing against the girl. Specially because my bf is far away from the school hahahahaha
And i have to admit the crazy blondie is great fun.
XYROOM (from NOV 1st) !gO! Naughty chemise  

XYROOM  (from NOV 1st) S&C Jeans, flats and scrumptious top gangnam
                 * Gangnam dance A&M MOCAP Animation Workshop Mainstore

But then Umami said she was meeting Silence to go to the movies, asking us if we wanted to join.
Ree said it would be fun, yeah, and i began to suspect... what if she is making friends with her ... to get to Silence?
SLC Mesh Ladies Duffle Coat Sheepskin beige
But when we met Silence for the movies, he was not alone either. And the way Ree blushed ... too much blush for the HOT girl, I wonder ... oh my i hope NOT.

Remember XYROOM begins on NOV 1st
yeah! I know you cant wait!!

More outfits
SLC Mesh Boots Alice suede red
XYROOM (from NOV 1st)
NN  Mesh Ladies Loose Shaded Sweater
*PosESioN* Dolce & Gabbana pose
XYROOM (from NOV 1st)
 BTS Let Me Fall*
PosESioN* Dolce & Gabbana pose
OPOPOP Klay in Pink // Mesh Collar 
OPOPOP Punch in White Unisex Mesh Shoes
 **S&C** for the 60 Mesh Atelier  Army brat
SLC Mesh Ladies Trench Coat Houndstooth 
XYROOM (from NOV 1st) 
 ::Fe Style:: WILD ANIMAL - Loose Tee
OPOPOP Dawa in White Unisex Mesh Shoes
**S&C** Dirty Turkey Hunt  Shirt

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