Friday, October 12, 2012

Thank you !

We spent the evening there, waiting for someone to come out of the white rooms with good news.
Mom had her spleen removed. She had a bad internal haemorrhage and had been moved to intensive care unit, so we could not see her.
End stayed there the whole time, and i have to admit he took lovely care of granny and me.
All my friends called to send their best wishes, and some of them drop by for a big hug.
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Umami called me to tell me they had been told at school to not come to the hospital and avoid disturbing me.
She made me cry when she said they all wanted me to know they would be around whatever i needed. And of course my sweet bad guys didnt mind the teachers' advice :)
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Ree came very late in the evening and even made me laugh with her story.

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Bf took me home late at night, he offered to stay, but i knew what mom would have thought of that, even in this situation, so i had to refuse.
But when i opened the door... it was soooooooooo good to find someone waiting for me!

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