Sunday, November 18, 2012

La cucaracha

Four days of holidays at school.
My friends were organizing a short trip and i wanted to join them, but mom is always against my travelling alone (meaning without her).
So i lied. I said it was a school trip and i went with them.

The thing is we ended up in the most horrible hostel ever.
We had to sleep there, yes or yes. so we organized the rooms...

... the best we could...

 and when everybody was getting ready to go to bed...

Oh my, that was Ree! The scream was so horrible we all jumped and Umami and i screamed too. The boys ran to the toilet where the scream came from. Marlow rushed inside (wow, he is brave!).
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'I was going to sit on the toilet and and and ...' She burst into tears ... in Marlow's arms.
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