Thursday, November 1, 2012

Model on a field of flowers

OPOPOP  Punch in Black // Unisex Mesh Shoes & Saudade in Red  Mesh Outfit
I hear mom calling me from her room and i ran upstairs.
But it was good news!
Model on a field of flowers, is the most popular section of the famous (sacred would be more accurated, if you hear some models ) magazine FASHION FIELDS.
Granny called mom cause Zazu has been asked to be the next model on the field!!!
See last magazine's field of flowers...
Modeling -- Princess Agnesse
 XYROOM ::[annaA]:: Body Shape " Maia " //  [MC]  Bonnie Skin
- Jeans &T-Shirt  Shopping Under Black
:::Mu-Shi Doll::: Leather Jacket Heaven

Pomposity Tikka Head Dress
::Designer Circle::.{Co*Motion} Petites poses
::Designer Circle::.
Turquoise Sleeveless Sweater Dress
{Co*Motion} {I am a model with an attitude} pose

Pomposity Tikka Head Dress
{ViSion} -S&F - Lingerie Intima {Green}
Retro' - cat shirt*
PosESioN* Dolce & Gabbana pose
Pomposity Tikka Head Dress

I went for some exercise and met Silence and Umami, and I couldnt wait to tell them. Well, to tell Umi, though Silence is always so supportive :)))
Samhain Gacha [RoLu Poses] Forever pose

*.JULYs.* Sweater green
::Designer Circle::. 
{:ThirteenTH:} Cherry Pop Hip/Bum Tattoo
+HUHU+  Harem pant
OPOPOP Punch in Red // Unisex Mesh Shoes
*PosESioN* Dolce & Gabbana pose
Unisex Harem Sport Pant with HUD

Dawa in White // UnisexMesh Shoes
Sugar & Cyanide
 Hooded Sweater - Male
::Designer Circle::. Eyelure  SEXY SWEATS 
XYROOM The Random Bunny Box Fingerless gloves


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