Tuesday, November 6, 2012


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It had been a great day.
Ree had an idea. If the fashion magazine had the Model on a field of flowers section, we could ask Tis, our newspaper's director, to have a similar one.
Tis loved the idea and said we could have a contest for best model on field of ... something. The newspaper team would think of something original.

Then last class was cancelled cause the teacher had some kind of problem, and i ran home to begin planning the new section.

 But in my way home...

I had to walk with him, trying to keep the conversation into the yes/no/hmm level. I was thinking of a good excuse to hide in my room as soon as i was home, and then, you wont believe this , but...

MOM AND END were ....

My disgusting guest was as shocked as i was, but he reacted first, and knocked the door. Mom saw us and pushed End to get up from the rug.
Her face was scarlett and i heard her whispering, 'DD, hun, listen...' while i ran upstairs. When the two men began arguing outloud,  i decided to disappear.

Mom was kissing End!
I hate THEM!

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