Thursday, November 22, 2012

Would you mind guarding my life?

Oh yes, our wonderful hostel has a pool! As wonderful as the rooms as you can see.
Awww we miss the summer... the beach ... Seems so far away now!
But dreaming is cheap, isnt it?

Lifeguards in action!!!!
Yeah... they need help... looks like they cant breath :P
 OPOPOP Jango Mesh jeans
More Outfits
LIFEGUARD suit, rescue tube, whistle (with sound!) and stand 
OPOPOP Adhoc in Navy // Mesh Jacket  and Chu-Hai V2.2 in Brown Mask & Scarf
Sugar&Cyanide Hooded Sweater
OPOPOP  Bellini in Brown // Mesh Hooded Sweat 
Wool top
 Mesh jeans
 Illegal sneakers
Jamman Jewels & Accessories
Rainbow Mesh rigged  fingernails
+HUHU+ Personality rings
::Designer Circle::. Graffitiwear  mesh outfit
::Designer Circle::. PiNK CHERRYCasual Outfit Adele

ZERO COOL Fur Me Chucks
OPOPOP  Stinger in Red // Mesh Shoes 

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