Friday, December 28, 2012

A gift for HIM

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Do you know what Loulou finally got for Marlow?
I had joined the girls for a hot chocolate, when she told us.
She bought a nice box and put a note inside ...

'What do you think?'
'You' ---- we, were Sugar Suz, Umami, .... Ree and I.
Sugar Suz was soooo enthusiastic about the idea, that i began to think it had been hers. I tried to be supportive, but i thought it was quite RISKY (was that really a gift or a punishment for Marlow? :P), and obviously she was trying to show Ree how things were, and that was not nice.
In fact she made Umami feel really bad for Ree, and i saw her blushing with indignation. But Ree smiled and kept sipping her chocolate apparently happy.
And there they went,  with lots of  happy giggling, cause Loulou let us know she was joining Marlow at HIS flat, where they would be ALONE hi hi hi ohhhh hi hi hi
Cause Ree is a very special person. We knew she was not feeling so good, but in spite of everything, she was able to make us laugh. No drama allowed!

+HUHU+  Denim Skinny jeans
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+HUHU+  Denim Skinny jeans
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