Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Love & Peace

+HUHU+ Wool top cut
Acid Lily LMD Paige MESH Pants 
Yes, but I dont know if we will have all the peace we are supposed to enjoy.
We all are looking for a half time job to get some money for the Xmas gifts.
Ree said a new store just opened near the bar, and she was going to ask if they needed people.
We joined at Umami's home, and Loulou made fun of Ree all the time... making Umi ... unhappy.
Main subject, Marlow feels nothing for Ree ....
Second subject, it was impossible she got a job in the new store, they wont want people there, it was so silly to ask!
Cause of course, Ree was not there ... yet.

I have to admit Loulou said congrats to them ... not very loud, but she did  :))
.::Secrets Hair::. Lippy Hair
shape !matte.001 
skin HOT STUFF Regina Skin Caramel
HOT STUFF Zoila outfit WITH applier for your Tango lolas
HOT STUFF Taylor Black outfit WITH applier for your Tango lolas
Acid Lily
even.flow - Basic Skirts
 [d.l.s.] :: 2012 Advent  (daily gifts!) Gold Snowflake Knee Boots
+HUHU+ Linen pant
OPOPOP  Mudsline in Red // Mesh Sweater
::Designer Circle::. Abia Capalini Outfit no1 brown

OPOPOP for the FSCH Hunt Mesh Coat w/Shirt 
+HUHU+ Mesh jeans
Akeruka Caesar skin NEW!
 OPOPOP Amba in Red  Mesh Sneakers

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