Sunday, December 9, 2012

She said please

Mom and I had another argument. She is disappointed cause I didnt tell her i was spending last days out just with my friends and not joining a school trip. I told her I didnt mind much her disappointment cause she had disappointed me too.

Mom went to the kitchen and i stayed in my room watching old Graue's episodes in my lap till Loulou called me. They were at school, checking some outfits for the Xmas party.
Shouting 'Ill be back for dinner', i left to join them.

It was amazing! The girls had got Mr. Book's permission to take out the Xmas boxes to begin organizing the decoration.
And they were checking their own outfits for next parties...
Even when you are sad or grumpy as I am these days, Xmas is always Xmas, and I love it.
And this year we will have a party at school, but we also will have another at the bar cause Lola has told us they are preparing something special there.
 Caipirissima in Black Mesh Dress and Pinklad in Black Mesh Boots
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Yes, LOla is too... too ... anyway, she is a lovely girl, and cant help being so... sexy :)
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Though, of course, 'sexy' is more a feeling than a fact, as Sugar Suz could perfectly tell you.
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Yeah, we were having fun when Ree arrived and joined us saying she had a SUPER crazy outfit to wear...
What? That male  voice came from Ree's room...
A boy in the girls lockers room? Who dared?
Sugar Suz, Loulou and I looked at eachother surprised. And he sounded really menacing.
But then things happened very fast.
The lockers room  door opened.
 K8 and Umami were there with the drinks.
We didnt need to talk to run there, I saw Sugar Suz had taken a broken racket as weapon and i grabbed the old mop.
But the guy made a big mistake... he tried to grab sweet, little Umami ...

Hahahahahaha Oh my Umami never stops surprising us! She told us later she has been training on karate since she could walk... And i can tell she is good on it!
Yep, so good i took the mop hahahaha
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