Sunday, December 16, 2012


My mobile rang in the middle of the night... what time is it... 2am? Who is that?

Ree is in trouble. She went to meet Rat to tell him again to leave her alone, and he was so agressive... she ran and now she is in a bar somewhere downtown, a bit (erm more than a bit, i guess) drunk and crying... Im out of town, DD, what do we do?

OH noooo! I was out too, spending the weekend with granny, cause she had asked me to come. There was only one thing i could think of.
And I did it, And he said he would find her and 'rescue' her.
About two hours later he texted me saying she was safe, I told Umami and we both could sleep. But of course we are longing to know all about the story!

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