Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Awww maternity!

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I think someone has to do something about this.
Its not only between Ree and Loulou, now everybody is getting involved and taking sides.
And as they are not 'officially' angry at eachother, they meet everywhere.
But the silliest conversation ends up with a WAR.
Like yesterday at loulou's home.

Yeah, true, she chose the movie, but she is unable to organize anything. We still had a couple of hours, and dont ask me why, we began talking about getting married... WRONG subject, i know.
Loulou said her career was first, no interest in weddings. But Umami didnt share her point.
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What? Married and pregnant? Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh big discussion here!!
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Of course Ree had to comment that Loulou was ALREADY fat, so why should she care for some more weight? I had to bite my tongue to not laugh cause we all know about Loulou obsessions, but Umi laughed outloud, making Loulou FURIOUS.
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a girl? a boy?

What did i tell you? War!
Oh, and are you wondering what about me?
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Well... someday... with my one and only... why not ? :)


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