Friday, January 25, 2013

Breakfast at Tiffan... I mean, McD

It was getting dark.
Umami and I felt like in a horror movie, when you think to yourself, 'you idiot, run, dont you see something scary is going to happen?'
We called Marlow and he came from the building. He said it was dangerous to walk there in the dark, cause the floor was full of holes.
'I will come back tomorrow earlier', he said. And he did.
Yeah, it seems the building had a neighbourhood... So Marlow went upstairs. It was very early in the morning, some of the neighbours were ready for the new day, as the nice lady downstairs, and others were just arriving from a long night...
The Boobies Planet
{ BoobieLicious } My Allure Dress Cream
.::WoW Skins::. Justine skin and shape
'Risking' his... lets say life, though he talked of some more specific parts of his male anatomy, he climbed one more floor, and there ...
The Boobies Planet
 :.::Hot Stuff::.: Jesse Cheeta & jean  and Sensual Skin w/applier Lolas Tango
Black Only
Miss C. - Vilerno-Non Rigged Mesh
[dirty.little.secret] for FF :: Crimson Flats
Black Only sharp by [ZD] MESH HOODIE black Knit
+HUHU+ Mesh jeans  and illegal sneakers
*SLAVE* Frill Coat brown
.::BT::. Better Things *brown*
w/applier Lolas Tango

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