Friday, January 4, 2013

Cool outfit in a cold night

Loulou spent all the way to the party trying to make me talk about Ree. She knows Ree has become very close to Umami and Umami and I are really good friends.
I didnt like it. I would have prefered her to tell me she was worried about Marlow liking Ree.
But she was all the time talking about Marlow as her bf , as if they had come back together.
Then, why to worry so much about Ree?

The bar was awfully crowded. Wow what a blast! Everybody looked so cool!
I had seen Marlow and Loulou dancing, while Ree was followed by a million boys, flirting as always... And i didnt pay much attention to any of them.
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Acid Lily  [dirty.little.secret] Stars mesh heels
MUTE  Geminis dress (w/Tango lolas applier)
Acid Lily   .::BT:: My Point
::Designer Circle::. VR Jewellery AsColdAsIce
AMARELO MANGA Earring Spring
Jamman Jewels & Accessories - Ultimate Deluxe FingerNails
.:scrts:. Casual Blazer Black
 OPOPOP Jango in Black Washed Out // Mesh Jeans
Akeruka Caesar skin
.::BT::. New Dream *zebra *

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