Thursday, January 31, 2013

Grown up couple

I tell you, I wish we could delete St valentine from the calendar this year!
Now its all about mom.
Cause - ugh - mom is in love.
And i love her so i better accept it cause i hate being angry at her for so long.
It doesnt mean that i like End more than i did. But ok, she likes him... so i will let him enter our lives. And he better behaves.
Of course, they have plans for THE DAY.
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 Yes, they have ' their restaurant' , of course a sushi restaurant. Mom adores sushi. Its fun that she couldnt stand it while she was pregnant... maybe its because i have always (from the very first moment of my being Me) hated it  :)
I really DONT need to know what grown up couples are allowed to do... specially if my mom is involved on it :P
Oh my, i just want her safe and happy. I love my mom.

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