Sunday, February 24, 2013


I was with Silence at the bar waiting for Umami when Marlow arrived.
LOla asked if we could help her with the music, what kind of songs would we like to hear while being in the bar?
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Oh my, these guys! I kicked them under the table and we all were deciding about the music when Loulou came in. Or should i have said.. EXTRAVAGANZA?
Wow - no words.
She was wearing those fake- but-sexy glasses and couldnt wait a minute to explain us she had got a personal coach to help her in her career as model. The glasses and the new style were her coach idea of dress for success.
I could see Marlow couldnt help watching  her as OHMYGOD THIS IS NOT FAIR, while Silence tried desperately to NOT look at her hahahhahahahahaha
Oh and she has a professional name.... Extravaganza.
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And she was feeling very diva, so she began flirting the boys and trying to make me say oh wow for every word she was saying. I was surprised to see Marlow acting really cold about all the story. And Silence was so clearly unconfortable...
Till that little girl of his entered the room.
Umami asked Loulou why the glasses if she didnt need them and her face said it all when Loulou tried to tell her about the coach story. Suddenly Loulou's mobile rang. Oh wow, she had a casting!
When Extravaganza girl left we all look at eachother. 'I can feel drama coming', said Silence. And yes, i had the feeling too.
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