Monday, February 18, 2013

Get dress for success

Isnt it funny how people look different when dressed for a party?
For exemple, Miss Susie, the classic dance teacher. Always wearing comfy clothing and no complicate hairstyle...
Graffitiwear Marigold Mesh Knit Jumper & Leggings
TSYI! Bella Fair  skin and shape GG
Now,  same person but ready to party. Doesnt she look amazing?
TSYI! Bella Fair  skin and shape GG
MASOOM FOR FLAWLESS Flowerpower dress
Panda Punx skin and shape  Leia February Group/Valentine's Gift
*SLAVE* Leather Jacket
+HUHU+ Unisex Harem Sport Pant
Venetian Carneval GACHA ZC Double Dutch Chucks white
Or what about Elaine, one of the best  female baseball players in the school team...

Panda Punx
skin and shape  Leia February Group/Valentine's Gift
[dirty.little.secret] Scarlet Fever
OVATION pose set lisandra

Or Kim, the 'ecology' girl...
HOT STUFF  Gretel Black
Dulce Secrets Brynn.Riesling.Conversation pink
External Apperance FOR FLAWLESS Makara shape
Bia skirt and Nisse top red
Dulce Secrets 
Brynn.Riesling.Conversation pink
External Apperance FOR FLAWLESS
Makara shape*(see down the page)

Wow Kim, i bet you will get lots of volunteers tonight hahahaha

The theater deco was amazing, with a green rug that had a funny layer of synthetic grass with hearts.

Umami and I were very worried waiting for Loulou to appear.
Everybody has thought Ree was not coming to the party, and now that she was there, I saw people looking at us and whispering. Yeah, i suppose everybody was waiting for the drama.

Maybe that distracted them from something very interesting that was happening.

We were talking with Mr Book.
Ree ' s bro is an oldie (32!), but i have to admit he is a sexy oldie.
And i was not the only one thinking so...
TSYI! Bella Fair  skin and shape GG
OHHHHHHHHHHHH Miss Susie flirting Mr Book!!!! 
Ree said she will probably 'catch' him, cause his bro couldnt resist red hair...
But something was about happening.
The show was going to begin and Loulou and Marlow still werent there.
And love was in the air...
.::BT::. On My Level

Male skinny jeans denim
Mens blazer & shirt

Mr Book (Bookie for Ree) seemed suddenly paralized...

But when he reacted it was even WORSE,
cause he began singing and dancing like crazy and when the slow songs began, he ... SHOUTED!

But it was amazing when Wispagold jumped from the stage and came to sing to HIM!!

The Red Headed Chicks were amazing, the set was awesome. And the red princess took everybody's breath away.
Pulse Skin Eyes & Shapes Pulse Skin Poison-T4/Mysterie
*ANNA SHAPES*  Ayla model
.::BT::. On My Level
And i had the feeling she kept an eye in Mr Book, so i was not surprised when after the show she appeared , smiled to everybody , talked with the fans and...
But the party was almost ending, and where were Loulou and Marlow?

Pulse Skin Eyes & Shapes Pulse Skin Poison-T4/Mysterie
*ANNA SHAPES*  Ayla model
[ L3S ] Itziar autumn purple outfit
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All the nails in the post
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