Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Good morning!

Sunday morning (almost afternoon) Ree was sitting in her kitchen, still daydreaming about last night...

... when something bring her back to earth.

::Designer Circle::. Pure Poison- Lace Me Up- Black Lingerie 
Acid Lily {Co*Motion} Charming*Creature pose set
Pulse Skin Eyes & Shapes Poison skin T4/good morning
*ANNA SHAPES*  Ayla model
::Designer Circle::.
{Co*Motion} {Love Trophy}prop&poses

Wispagold seemed a bit shocked too. She said she was going to get a' bit dressed', and Ree thought she wouldnt come back, but she did.

Too funny when Mr Book appeared. Ree said they all had breakfast together pretending this was the most usual situation.

And when Wispagold went to take a shower, he was like 'shut up, Ree' hahahahahaha

Oh my! It seems St Valentine was really busy this year! :)
.::BT::.Fuck Your Drama
OPOPOP // Jango in Blue // Mesh Jeans

::Designer Circle::.
+HUHU+ Mesh jeans
 Acid Lily }MoYaz{ Lily Chemise aqua
 Acid Lily {Co*Motion} Charming*Creature pose set.
::BT::. Sleepy

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