Thursday, February 7, 2013

St Valentine's free pic

 Acid Lily
.::BT::. Over Reaction 
{Co*Motion} Burlesque Diva
I told you. St Valentine's wont bring but problems this year!
Umami and Silence went to the Iron Horse Open Mic and came back with  the news.
St Valentine's Studio at the IRON HORSE
They had found a photo studio where you could get a free Valentine pic...
so they got one!

Loulou pretended she was not interested, but of course she was. She loves to be in any picture and if someone had Valentine's pics, she had to have them too.
Sugar Suz (now her very best friend) was busy this afternoon, so she asked me to go shopping... and we ended up shopping around the Iron Horse. And, oh, surprise... we found the photo studio :P

There were lots of poses to choose, But of course, Loulou fell in love with something sexier than the one Silence and Umami had chosen.

Maybe... or maybe not. Cause we decided to go for a drink...

Loulou followed Ree inside the bar. I asked Marlow if he had got a pic with Ree, and he said 'what? picture?',  so i calmed down.  It was bad enough that Loulou found them together, but drama would stop there... no?
The voices came from the bar and we asked a girl what was happenning.
Underscore  Roll-On Hair
::Designer Circle::. PrincessMode Surly pose set
The Boobies Planet w/tango lolas applier
-Mystique-Refined Outfit
~PixyStix~ ::Dido:: skin 
It seems that Ree and Loulou argued and Loulou threw her drink over Ree... and Ree threw everything she found at Loulou's head.
Marlow managed to stop them. Ree ran away and Marlow was about going after her, but Loulou fainted (i know, i didnt believe it either ) and he had to stay.
What can i say? To be continued? Yeah, you can bet.
 [d.l.s.] for The Beach Valentine's Day Cart Sale
Valentine Mens Red Turtleneck Sweater  and skinny jeans
::Designer Circle::.
PrincessMode Surly pose set
 Acid Lily
MoYaz  Tiffy Mesh top  and miniskirt
Jamman Jewels & Accessories
  Ultra Mesh Rigged FingernailsV3
Black Only
{ViSion} -S&F - Mesh Dress Opium 
[d.l.s.] for The Beach Valentine's Day Cart Sale
Valentine Trench Coat and valentine wellies
[dirty.little.secret] :: TR :: Snakeskin Boots
Black Only
{:ThirteenTH:} Bad, Bad Clown Tee
Male Skinny Jeans denim 
Illegal sneakers
::Designer Circle::. Kennedy's "Mesh Studded Jean Shorts"
XYROOM .::YoPulga::. Military Green Top
Come to visit me at the Iron Horse
and Ill be glad to take a
  St Valentine's pic with your one and only for free!
St Valentine's Studio at the IRON HORSE

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