Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Redhaired princess tale

Dubs the Duke  and Wispagold the red princess, were in love. Everybody knew, but they never admitted it.

Spring Hate GACHA
[[A.R.C.+F.N.]]  Stickman tanktop  and Petite Dragonfly
ToXiC HiGh-  pants
ZC Sinister Chucks red *
Pulse Skin Eyes & Shapes Pulse Skin Poison-T4/Glamor
*ANNA SHAPES* Ayla model
They had one of those bad romances... couldnt be together but couldnt be one without the other... Their fights and peaces were in all the magazines, week after week along the two years they were together.
Then, around one year ago, few months after all the magazines had told about Wispagold expecting Dubs' child , the Duke was found dead after one of his crazy shows.
The funeral was as crazy as his short life had been, we saw it on tv, so many famous people were there... but Wispagold.
Some  months later, though, a lucky photographer took the only pic we saw of her in his grave.

She had had a baby, born 3 months after his dad's death, and she kept away from the stage for a few.
And when she came back, the baby came with her.

(to be continued)
.::BT::. Trollin *Muted Asshole*
SLC  Mesh Gypsy Romance blue
::Designer Circle::.
*[PP]- Blue Snake  Tube Dress* *Step inSide* SCARF springs limited

TaTToo PaRaDiSe TaTToo Marked For Life VM
 Male Skinny Jeans denim
Illegal sneakers 


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