Saturday, March 16, 2013

Whats up, buddy?

HAHAHAHAHA Umami and Ree say Marlow has found his twin soul in  Big Mac, Wispagold's son.
Last night Ree went to babysit Mac, and Umami, Silence and Marlow came to visit 'them'.
Mac was sleeping, but suddenly, he began crying. And Marlow came to the rescue.

As Ree says, it seems they have adopted eachother !

+HUHU+ SALES!!!!! Blazer w/shirt -  illegal sneakers - skinny mesh jeans

Bellini in Brown // Mesh Hooded Sweat 
 Dawa in White // Unisex // Mesh Shoes 
Jango mesh jeans

Mesh Back Buttoned Lace Blouse light pink 
Mesh Flounce Mini Skirt little Roses

 .:SS:.  franklin drapped tee
[Park Place]Redwood Deck Chairs & Table Set
ZERO COOL Oriental Magic Candlestick A

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