Sunday, April 7, 2013

# CenSOreD#

KlubWerK skinny jeans, gilet and shirt, mesh for hands for bottle pose
Elephante Poses  Cheated Hearts pose
Shiva la Swords [[les ballerines]] - natural
It was when Rat entered the group when Ree began drinking a bit more. He noticed the girls were decided to do ANYthing to be his 'one and only'. And Rat could be lots of things, but never a silly.
This means, if one went to his car...
Elephante poses for fi*Friday and The Promenade Dominoes set
:::DeJaVu Fashion:: Barbie Dress Black With Hood  and boots
::Designer Circle::.
Pink Cherry Skin Evangeline Tan - Smokey Eye
Pomposity - Hearts Of Steel Set

... the other was jealous and ready to go further.
Elephante Poses for the Pose Fair 2013 Hold It Against Me
They finally had one big fight, and Ree said  that it was enough. 
 XYROOM [ViSion} - S&F -Mesh Dress Baxor
::Designer Circle::.
{Co*Motion} {KindaFlirty-StandingSet} 
Her intentions were good but... 
 Black Shirt Vintage Bad Sister
Male Skinny jeans denim

Elephante poses for fi*Friday and The Promenade Man Of The Hour pose set
He looked so damn sexy next saturday, when he came into the room...
Of course she tried to resist.
::Designer Circle::.  {Co*Motion} {KindaFlirty-StandingSet}
[[ Masoom ]] for the Pose fair Shoe poses
Crazy April GACHA ZC The Look - Winter Eyes 5*
The Boobies Planet .:FD:. Famished
 XYROOM ryuukou_nalla skin
Panda Punx Lilliana Shape

+HUHU+ Male Skinny jeans denim
But he knew how to play his cards, and the night ended with a (wild)  reconciliation in the parking lot.

('Oh my, Ree! Did you...? and in a parking??' 
'Umi, please, dont ask'
 'OH MY! )

And when next saturday, Ree found Veneno and Rat ...

Probably they were enjoying another wild reconciliation too on top of his truck,  but this time Ree really kicked him off her life.
::Designer Circle::. 1 Hundred. Lacy Tank
TaTToo PaRaDiSeTaTToo Belly Barcode I Am The Bitch VG
Crazy April GACHA ToXiC HiGh Black Trippy Jeans 
Elephante Poses for the Pose Fair 2013 Move along pose set

.:EC:. Edmee outfit
Then he didnt want to be kicked... and he began being very obsessed with her... she spent the weekends drinking as crazy... disappeared a couple of times... And last time she was found half naked in the school basement. And Mr Book and her moved to our school.
OPOPOP Picoyann mesh shirt

Loordes of London SALES Mission House Sweater-Mauve

'Cause i know you all laugh at me a bit, and say i live in my clouds...'
Loordes of London SALES The Underground-Leather Jacket-Violet
::Designer Circle::.HOLLYHOOD Holly Mesh Wild Black Major Maryjane 
'...but there are things that are...'
Loordes of London SALES {:ThirteenTH:} Censor Me Outfit
::Designer Circle::.
HOLLYHOOD Holly Mesh Wild Black Major Maryjane 

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