Sunday, April 14, 2013

The pics

We were going to the movies. We decided to meet at school cause Marlow and Silence had had a little problem with the basketball coach and were enjoying 2 more hours of sport.
After going to the library, Loulou and Sugar Suz went to see if they were done, but the boys hadnt finished yet. So they were sitting there, waiting for them,  when those two guys appeared.

But what they showed was not so funny.
The girls were shocked. They jumped away from the guys. 'What the hell is this?' Loulou shouted and Marlow and Silence came to them.

The girls said later that things happened too fast. The big boy insulted Marlow and they began pushing eachother, with Silence and the other also in the mess. Then the big one fell and when he got up he was very very angry.
+HUHU+ Black Shirt Vintage Death /male skinny jeans
I think the most scary thing was that the other guy left running. That meant he knew that real trouble was coming.
This was the moment Umami arrived. The boy who was with her had a nice, sweet voice, and talked low and slowly.
'Dont ask me how he did it, cause I still dont know', said Sugar Suz later, but the thing is the boy seemed to slip on the floor like dancing, kicked the bad guy' s  ankle, made him fall, disarmed him, kicked his face and chest couple of times, and then the big one left running with a goodbye kick on his butt.
Woha! Who was this super-hero? Everybody wanted to shake hands with him, thanking him his help, but he didnt seem to think he had done anything important.
 +HUHU+Mens Long Sleeve Loose  and mesh jeans

It was so amazing that they almost forgot about the pictures. Almost.

And at the same time, not too far away...
Fab-Fae Candy Collection CAndy Floss  outfit
+HUHU+ Black Shirt Vintage Bad dollar /male skinny jeans/ Illegal sneakers
 Pampa in Green // Mesh Skirt
 Morita in Green // Mesh Top
Zilfi in Green // Mesh Boots
{PopTart Slouchy Dress (Sugar Rush)
Loordes of London for SSW Kainus II boots 
Elephante poses for fi*Friday and The Promenade
Living For The City pose set w/prop

 Forbidden Closet Sacred Dreams-Torn Apart
Loordes of London for SSW Kainus II boots
//elephante poses// Kawaii Fair 2013 Cold Water NOT available after the fair!!
Crazy April GACHA
Baubles! by Phe VintageRustBanglesGatcha!
 [[A.R.C.+F.N.]] Petit dragonfly
ToXiC HiGh outfit
TaTToo PaRaDiSe TaTToo Butterfly Inside

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