Thursday, May 9, 2013

Lights & Shadows

'Hi my love :) '
'Im sorry to disturb you End, but Im so sad I needed to talk to you'
'Are you crying hun? You ok? Whats up?'
'Oh End, I just told DD about the baby and she... oh my!'
'Its ok sweetheart, dont cry. Im finishing some pics, Ill be there in... 30 minutes, ok?'

.::BT::.Your Lies *red*

 Acid Lily .:[Le Petite Purr]:. Little*Princess pose set
::Designer Circle::. CiC  Meela hair
HOT STUFF Tangoed Hunt
.:Panda Punx:. Body Shop GroupGift Cassie Skin & Shape
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BLACK ONLY Persefona  glasses
Acid Lily.:SS:.  crop top
::Designer Circle::.  
Pink Cherry Skin London Tan - Red Burn Lips
 COCO SANDS cory  shape
SLC  Mesh Jeans Shorts dark blue
 Acid Lily *Phoebe* The Owl Belly Piercing ~5 Metals/9 Gems~
:::DeJaVu Fashion:: Group Gift outfit
-Pin me up-Poses jewelry set
 ryuukou_blackswan skin
.:Panda Punx.: for ROOM 69 Allie shape
::Designer Circle::.
Eyelure Bandeau & Fluff Mini Set
SURROGATES - Monique Shape
Pink Cherry Skin London Tan - Brown Smokey
-Pin me up-Poses jewelry set 
Persefona  jewellery
.:Panda Punx.: for ROOM 69 Allie shape
TSYI! Bella Lt Tan WSG
Graffitiwear Allure Mesh Dress
Akeruka  Giorgia skin Group Gift
XYROOM .:Panda Punx.: Myki Shape
BLACK ONLY -Pin me up-Poses jewelry set
 :::DeJaVu Fashion::  Skinny  with Belt  
~*BaUbLeS! by Phe  
OnceVintage WatchBangle & Ring Box
Akeruka  Manuela skin and shape
[[ Masoom ]] for Stuff in Stock Anu outfit 
Nails of this post
Jamman Jewels & Accessories  Ultra Mesh Rigged FingernailsV3

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