Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My babysitter is a zombie

So Marlow went to check the kids and the babysitter.
Little Mitzi had whispered to him ' she iz a zombie!' before someone took her cellular and cut the call.

Lucy was the next door's  teen neighbour. And she was absolutely overwhelmed by the situation.
Mitzi's mom had asked someone more responsible to come.  She was supposed to be there, but her flight had been delayed and wouldnt arrive till late in the evening... or tomorrow morning.

Marlow told her he would stay till the lady arrived, so Lucy could go home.

Once alone, Marlow managed to play the bad princess game while cooking the kids' dinner. They even ate it without complaining and drank their glasses of milk.

Ree called asking how things were going. 'Well,  after the zombie's babysitting, the kids are in revolution, but i have everything under control' 'So, you are studying?' 'Not yet'
Time flew, and they didnt want to go to bed.  When would he be free to begin studying?
And then the bell rang.
::Designer Circle::. FuLo 'Rosita' glasses
*Luckie* Adorable Kittie Rings 
BLACK ONLY -Pin me up-Poses jewelry set
.::BT::.Word Tank *yellow*

(to be continued, i bet you cant wait :)  )
BLACK ONLY [Sympatika] Seba Sweater Black Stripes
OPOPOP Enme mesh jeans
+HUHU+ illegal sneakers 
Akeruka Caesar skin
Pat-a -kake for Zooby baby Lucky stripe pjs and Safari rug
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.::BT::. Word Tank *yellow*
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