Sunday, June 16, 2013

Fashion at the Beach Club

SOUR PICKLES Fresh Iced Lemonade Set

Today was a very hot day. As hot as one of those summer days. So it was amazing when Umami's mom had a headache and... wait, i dont mean i was glad she had a headache, but, well, i was, agggh anyway, you will understand in a second.
::Designer Circle::.
{Co*Motion} Film*Noir poses set
Kanou Alexa green 
Modern.Couture Catary jewellery
Miss C. - Dj hair
Umami's mom is member of the beach club. She usually invites all her daughter's friends to go there, but we dont like to be any place where parents are.
But her headache made her cancel her morning at the beach club, and we ran to meet Umi there.
SOUR PICKLES Massage table w/animations
KAKIA for Flawless Pink Dot Summer Outfit 2013
::Designer Circle::. [Amarelo Manga] -  Dress Skull and bag
As you see, it had all the possibilities to be a great day. But a massage table spoiled it all.
In fact, it was not exactly the table's fault.

Umami was waiting for us. Isnt she lovely, she will be as pretty as her mom for sure!

Loulou  came too.
Ree wasnt very happy about it. She told me they had some words on friday, but Umi had invited everybody to the club, and Loulou was there.
SOUR PICKLES Tropical Isle Summer Dress Gacha
Pin me Up poses for PURE sales beach poses
Cleo Design Furniture
She was sooo glad to be in such a classy and fashion place!
Le Poppycock for Excuse My French Hunt Ombrelle
TOPAZIA for the Excuse My French Hunt Dessine moi Paris dress (mesh) esclusive color
Loordes of London-Summer Fashion Festival Holkham sunglasses

Things seemed to be ok,  till everybody wore their bikinis...
SOUR PICKLES Beauty Blossom Bikinis
Somehow we saved the crisis. But Umi and i looked at eachother feeling like a soldier close to a bomb.
We  decided to have some cold drinks and sat by the pool.
::Designer Circle::. Miss C. - Dj hair
TSYI! for The Beach Party Bikini

Loulou had a casting in the afternoon.
She had gone to the hairdresser and  she didnt want to wet her hair, so she didnt swim. She  slipped in the pool very slowly and carefully.
I think it was then when the massage boy appeared and the stupid competition  Who is he looking at? began.
And Ree had told us one day that she was the queen of those competitions.
SOUR PICKLES  MESH Anchor Beach Towel w/animations and props
And believe me, she knows how to win competitions. The guy couldnt take his eyes off  her and her lovely poses on the towel. Loulou is beautiful, but Ree... Ree SHINES.
SOUR PICKLES MESH Anchor Beach Towel w/animations and props
So when Ree got up he made his move.
 Elephante Poses   for The Beached Bunny 3 Hunt  GIRL
And i bet you know who won a free massage too.
SOUR PICKLES Massage table w/animations
Loulou doesnt know how to lose. She was really pissed off, though the guy had just rubbed Ree's shoulders and bought her a coke. But the thing was that Ree had won, and Loulou began by saying she didnt really like the guy and ended by accusing Ree of cheating on Marlow.
When she called her 'easy', saying she was telling Marlow ALL about IT, Ree jumped to her.
Sup Poses Falling For You

Disaster!!! Loulou's hair all wet, her casting was ruined!!! Oh my, when she got out of the pool! They fought  like wild cats!
Umami  is so angry at them both  that she says she wont go to LOla's  party this evening. But I know Ree will need friends there, so i will do my best to change Umami's mind.

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