Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Lost and zcared

TSYI! Brick house
Unbelievable but true.
We got lost while looking for the village.
We decided to separate, and Umi, Marlow, Silence , Mitzi and I took a side road and the rest of the guys follow the main road.
When we finally found a house, Mitzi had lost her sandals long ago, was thirsty and 'zcared', and the rest of us felt quite tired.
No one answered, but we decided to get in and see if someone could tell us how to get to the village.
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Acid Lily ~CandyMetal~Danna Dress Mesh 
Silence said he hoped the owner wouldnt have a GUN  and really hoped he would not think we were trying to steal anything there. I felt like omgomg lets run, but before i could talk we heard Mitzi screaming.
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Marlow ran to the girl who was standing in the livingroom, shouting cause she had seen A MONSTER!
Oh my yes, it was a ZCARY MONZTER for sure hahahahaha
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And when we were still recovering from the monster attack...
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Sugar & Cyanide Aubree skin
*ANNA SHAPES* for flawless- Potira Model
Wow! She appeared at our back and made us jump! But she was super nice, offered us coke and sandwitches, and told us the way back home.
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"Orange You Glad"  Toddleedoo only

Mitzi was so excited! We got lost, we found a haunted house with a monster and then the fairy helped us.
'Thiz village waznt magic till you guyz arrived!'
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