Sunday, June 9, 2013

You can leave your hat on

PRIME Beach buddies pier
Sugar & Cyanide Bandana Top - Shameless mini
I lost my voice when i saw the pier. And when i recovered it, i began shouting like the rest of my friends.
Tata had prepared some food for us to take. Oh my it was purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrfect!
:::DeJaVu Fashion:: Outfit TopNo Mesh Short Mesh 
SOUR PICKLES Tiki Flank Watermelon Combo
Big Mac stayed home with Tata, and Mitzi came with us. Marlow had given her a big ball to play in the sand  and she really couldnt wait.
Buttons & Bows IN MARKET PLACE 
AND Buttons & Bows Main store
Doggy Bikini
The sun was shining so much, and the water was deliciously cold. Umami was covered in sun lotion and running after Mitzi to bath her in it too.
Loulou and Sugar Suz made fun of her, but the twins followed her advice. They all had very pale skin.
 ~ghee~ for MESHIE MONDAYS -last day! Glitz Swimwear
elephante poses for The summer fashion festival Dusk And Summer w/hat
The boys, Mitzi, Ree and the twins, went to play in the sand. Umami and i stayed on the pier, listening to Loulou and her i-am- a- top-model stories.
Forbidden Closet Designs MAINSTORE Atomic Swim Suit
-Pin me up-Poses.just standing here
Yes, kind of boring if you want my opinion. Umami covered with her hat and made faces to make me laugh. We were deciding if going to meet the other guys at the beach when Marlow came back.
+HUHU+ Unisex harem sport  pants
Akeruka Caesar skin
Ops. Mitzi was crying and they decided to go for another ball. Umami and I went with them. But Ree had hurt her foot and stayed. (By the way, have you noticed Ree and Marlow wore same cap? Awwwwww :) )
PRIME Beach buddies pier 
Exactly. Leave Ree alone with her enemy and her enemy's friend and what you get? Trouble.
In the meanwhile, Umami discovered she had forgotten her bag with the sun lotions, and sent her cousin Jim to recover it.
Of course she couldnt know she was sending him to war zone.

Ree told us later that this was what really made her angry. And i agree Loulou was very cruel to tell her so.
But we all know what happens when Ree gets angry. Nothing can stop her.
TSYI! for The Beach Party Bikini Blue yellow
SOUR PICKLES Fresh Iced Lemonade Set
~*BaUbLeS! by Phe & Baubles BrandedPurse
Sure, they JUST left the hats on! Thats what Jim told us ... when he recovered his voice HAHAHAHAHA

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