Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Does your brother know?

SLC   Hot dream Group gift

I went shopping with Ree. She was looking for some new lingerie. She is such a nice girl, always joking and wanting people to feel good.
We know she has been a bit crazy, but I think her friendship with Umami was what she needed to calm down.

So we bought her some nice underwear and went to have a cold drink while waiting for Umami, Silence and Marlow.

PURE sales [F F] MESH - Jeans Skirt Black and top
One second... Marlow is not supposed to see her underwear... is he?

OMG! She said Mr Book had nothing to do with her love life. 'And Wispagold keeps him busy!'.
Sup Poses Vanity dresser
.::Digi-StyleZ::. for MESHIE MONDAYS Paige bitch pink

Yeah but Wispa and him are two grown up oldies and Ree and Marlow are in school and and... OMG.
Ree told me she was going to ask Umi to cover her in front of her bro. She would tell him that she is spending the weekend with Umami.
The question is... does Umami know it?

Tropical Isle Summer Dress Group Gift
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