Saturday, July 20, 2013

Sexy & basketball

PURE sales  ***GIULIADESIGN***Yamila Green
Doesnt it happen to you that somedays you feel GREAT?

End was back from a trip and was taking mom, Silence, Umi and me to a new restaurant.

Its a very fashion place cause the most popular singers and actors go there .

This was very exciting, but then mom surprised me with a wonderful outfit as gift, saying, we had to wear like stars to fit in the restaurant hahahaha.

So the girls were oh mymymy when they saw me.

Ok, so before the 'family' (omg) lunch, we went to support our basketball team in the camp league.
It was a mixed team of male/ female players... Silence and Marlow were the stars of the school team, but Im afraid i cant say the same about Ree, Loulou and Sugar Suz...
Though, didnt they look nice?
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As Umami and I commented, the boys looked good, but ours were taller and we knew how good they play...
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+HUHU+ Male top and unisex harem sport pants
!BaaaH! Eric shape

Yes, I think we all agreed we didnt have to worry about the boys...
Frozen Water bottle poses
The girls were a different story. They knew how to play the ball, oh yes.
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I wonder if we will win any competition this summer :))
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PURE sales  ***GIULIADESIGN***Yamila Green

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