Thursday, September 12, 2013

Send me an angel

Fly has moved to the village, and she is coming to our school. Its funny to see how she considers us 'the big guys'. And in fact we are, its our last year at school.
[M.O.W] Hiana Jeans and Juli Top Eyelure Kicks Tennies 
EYELURE Kicks Tennies 
B!ASTA :SUNDAY SCHOOL: Strapless dress with bow
::Designer Circle:: Phoebe  Izar Earrings 
EYELURE Eyelure Liquid Shadow
Yes, Fly has grown up, and she is not an unbearable child anymore,now she is a difficult teen :P

Mom has seen her doctor again, and the baby is growing fast and healthy. Its amazing to think that my little sister will be here in two months!!
Tonight she is going to a party with End. I have to admit i have began liking this man. His being so proud of mom and 'their belly' makes me love him!
Dirty Little Secret  Sexy leather maternity dress set

And we are going to the movies. Ree wanted to see a very scary film about teens and ghosts, but Loulou went for the tickets and decided we were seeing another one, some cheesy musical. Of course she did it innocently, such an angel. You know her.
PERFECT WARDROBE //elephante poses// Angel Fly Away
PERFECT WARDROBE //elephante poses// Angel Fly Away
Feeb's Loordes of London BALLERINA FLATS-MINT
PURE Sales NaKEd - Avery

And you know Ree... I bet we enjoy a scary movie anyway :)
Alice in Boobie land hunt ::Czarny Kanarek:: Mad tattoo
fi*Friday  ::Czarny Kanarek:: Studded dress ON FRIDAY!
EYELURE Monkey ring

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