Wednesday, September 4, 2013

There we go!

The school just began and we already are in trouble. And all because of that contest on the university journal, called DARE-U.
Ree caught Butch talking about it , and the news spread like fire.

send a pic of yourself doing something daring explained in one single sentence.
10,000L and your pic published in the uni magazine's cover. And if you wanna see last year's winner...
HOT STUFF  Willa  skin_Virgo zodiac hunt 
Sup Poses  Vanity Dresser w/poses
Madness has come to school and Im afraid we all are going to join it!!
.::BT::. Let It Out  and  superstar sneakers 
 PURE Sales -Pin me up-Poses  I dunno
Stuff in Stock Loordes of London BEAN HIKING BOOT-CHARCOAL 
 PURE Sales  Q FACTOR - Mens Hooded Top 
{:ThirteenTH:}  Rolled-up Unisex Jeans

The best in pinterest :)