Saturday, October 12, 2013

Doors in your life

Trend is recovering though he will have to visit a psychiatrist for some time.
When Loulou knew what had happend, she felt so guilty she couldnt stop crying. We thought she would give Trend another chance. But she said that was a closed door.
Sugar Suz came home yesterday to finish some parts of our homework, and she told me about Loulou's new life.

First, she has Lance. And he is not only sexy but so supportive and wonderful. His father is in the fashion world, manager and organizer of the most important showrooms.
So one door closed... and one opens, cause he has introduced her into the BIG (with capitals) fashion business.
MUNIQUE Loose Shirt / For Men Only Gacha - 50ld 
.::P&W Design ::.. M305 pink mesh 
The Body Mod Expo //elephante poses// Love story gacha
Note: Loulou's outfit byLoordes of London  COMING SOON!
She has got a job with a very important agency. Thats very wow! but the way her coleagues had welcomed her isnt so wow.
CURVES skins and shapes Amanda skin and shape w/ap 
DAZED DEZINEZ Savatage Boots w/ color hud
[M.O.W]  mK Shorts 
Bewbapalooza -Luckie- Onesiefied (blush)
Sup Poses  Paris Retro screen w/poses
Savatage Boots w/ color hud
[M.O.W]  mK Shorts 
-Luckie- Onesiefied (blush)
Yes, it seems the girls are very competitive... and they dont like much daddy boy's girlfriends...
B!ASTA :ROSE BELLE: Wide skirt and corset top 
The Chapter Four ASO! Ballet Coroo (glen pink) 


So they began working, to get ready for next show, and Loulou was  excited waiting for her turn to wear those outfits and do the catwalk.
Oh and the girls were super good! But she was sure she could do as good as them!

EYELURE  Belted Capri Slims //Pale Kicks Tennies // Layered Tops - ThinkPInk 
THE OUTLET//elephante poses//jump around 
Candy Fair
.{yumyums}.  Alli Skin - Cotton Candy 
 //elephante poses// I Want Candy - hairband
CURVES skins and shapes Amanda skin and shape w/ap
The Body Mod Expo //elephante poses// Naked 
 The Rabbit Hole Sales Room .S&C. Natasha - Nude
fi*Friday Empire Galleria Loordes of London-The Himalayas
Belted capri slims
Kicks Tennies - CandyCorn free and BunnyGhost Loose Tank  FREE GIFT!! Look for the pumpkins!
CURVES skins and shapes  for Sandia Room- Moony skin and shape 
The Candy fair //elephante poses// Candy Bucket Poses and Lark - Candy Buckets
Alice - leather plain boots  and Claudia - cutsleeve dress rainbow
CURVES skins and shapes Veronika-Bronze skin and shape
Ok, her turn... cute and sexy or Halloween?
The Rabbit Hole Sales Room 
Souled Out Minnie Outfit Red 
^Wicked Sin Creations^ for THE CIRQUE DU FREAK Big Top Freak
Loordes of London In Basic Pumps RED 
The Candy fair elephante poses Candy girl and .{yumyums}. Hard candy purse
OPOPOP Scarface// Face Tattoo
Hmm it was fun, but you know Loulou is not really for the fun when working.
So when the girls were refusing to go topless for the last outfit of the collection, Loulou said she would do it. She thought those girls were silly. Models have to show their bodies. And that is never a problem when you have, like Loulou, a perfect one!
But it was not exactly what she expected :)
DAZED DEZINEZ Savatage Boots w/ color hud
The Rabbit Hole Sales Room NewtiQue DoubleRuffle Mini Skirt 
The Body Mod Expo //elephante poses// Naked
:: Czarny Kanarek ::  Bellum
OPOPOP Mokingbird in Red // Mesh Mask 
Ahhh a hard working day! It was wonderful when  Lance picked her up in his super car and then they...
[M.O.W] Utopia jeans
!BaaaH! Amilcar shape
PRIME Sultry Adult Sofa
They what? But but but she met him less than a week ago! OMG Loulou's life is really changing!

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